Nyle DiMarco Wants to Be Prince Eric in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Credit: Nyle DiMarco Instagram

Nyle DiMarco decided to throw his name into the Ariel The Mermaid ring amid the controversy surrounding Disney casting singer and actress Halle Bailey as its leading lady.

The America’s Next Top Model winner dropped a suggestion on his Twitter earlier this week about playing the role of Prince Eric, or for him, deaf Prince Eric, in the upcoming live action adaption of the 1989 classic movie.


“DEAF Prince Eric or nah?” he asked his 368,000 fans. It included a split shot of him in his car on the left and the animated version of the character on the right.

His fans agreed with the idea. “She can’t speak, he cant hear, they learn to communicate through sign language and develop a healthy happy relationship end of story,” one wrote.

His idea even caught the attention of Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay who wanted to make this happen ASAP.

The role of Prince Eric has yet to be announced by Disney although they have revealed names for some of the others who are in early negotiations to be part of the film. The list includes Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and Awkwafina as Scuttle. 

Halle Bailey Instagram / Ariel – The Little Mermaid Screen Capture

Disney’s decision to cast Halle, 19, as The Little Mermaid has been met with both praise and criticism on social media. Many have supported them doing this while others have taken a racist route and questioned why this has happened when the original character was white. 



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  1. Here is my most exciting idea for the several scenes I would like to see in this film, Ursula belatedly learned the fact that Ariel and Eric both could convey in sign language, she blows up in a gassy rage, so she could mask herself as Vanessa just that she looks like Ariel, which Eric erroneously thought it was her from the beginning, and yet, Ursula puts the hex spells on Eric in order to enslave him. Eric does NOT have to talk in the front of people. Vanessa/Ursula can lie and simply tell everybody, “I was his sign language interpreter, I can represent him as my husband on his behalf.” Everybody falsely assumed that she is his ideal spouse, at that point Ariel gets up after the third day that is supposed to break the curse, only later to find out he wedded Vanessa without her consented knowledge. Ariel realized everything was a lie, so she was determined to expose Ursula, she swam right to the phony wedding, and to stand out enough to be noticed, yet to her learning, Eric isn’t conscious of himself, which was under Ursula’s spells. Ariel can sign her hands to him, which Ursula lacks. Ursula took Ariel submerged into the seas, where they later met King Triton in a verbal argument that Ursula stole the trident from him. Ursula largely develops her body to the tallest height, making herself known to the entire world. Eric sees Ursula for the first time as a sea witch, not Vanessa, Ursula attempts to slaughter Ariel with the trident that is stolen from Triton. Ariel uses her hands to communicate with the deaf Prince Eric, “Kill that bitch! Kill her in the stomach!” Eric understood her, at that point utilizing the ship to murder Ursula straight at her stomach. Do you see where this story is going, no?


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