Nyle DiMarco’s ‘Deaf U’ Profiles The Highs, Lows & Hot Hookups of College Life

Credit: Netflix

When a trailer starts with a gorgeous girl telling a smoking hot guy the following, “I don’t mind sleeping with you,” chances are the show that encompasses it will be juicy as hell.

Deaf U, an upcoming docusoap on Netflix, dropped its first trailer on Wednesday, September 23. The Nyle Dimarco-produced series chronicles the lives of several students who attend Gallaudet University, a private college catering to the deaf and hard of hearing. 


“Gallaudet’s undergrads are 700 women and 300 guys,” says one of its subjects, Renate Rose, in the trailer. “And the women here are just wow!”

The 8-part series, which debuts on the streaming service on October 9 (the release of which coincides with the International Day of Sign Languages), showcases a variety of students like Renate who are experiencing college life at its fullest.

There’s one key difference between this and other shows like it in that the majority of communication between them is done via sign language, however everything else that’s documented is on par with what we all go through during these life-changing years. 


 “People think I’m a f–kboy,” Rodney Burford complains to a friend during the trailer, and yes, there’s apparently a word in sign language for f**kboy. 

“One thing I think people will learn is that deaf people can do what you all do,” Burford said in an interview with IndieWire. “The only thing we can’t do is hear, and that’s all. We do have our own college; we do have our own culture….the culture is so rich.” 


Nyle revealed how “excited” he is about his upcoming show after the trailer debuted. The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars winner, who previously attended Gallaudet University himself, has been a staunch advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community ever since his rise to fame many years ago.


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