Obsessed Fan Of Jacob Elordi Forbidden From Making Any Contact

Euphoria hottie Jacob Elordi was just granted a temporary restraining order against Robert Furio, a 61-year-old man he claims has been stalking him since February. It appears that the man stalking Elordi has a history of scary interactions with celebrities.


According to TMZ

“Jacob says Furo twice dropped by his Hollywood home in February to leave gifts … pastries, a bouquet of roses, candies and a handwritten note … even though Jacob says he’s never met the guy before. Jacob claims the first incident happened Feb. 5 when he went out to walk his dog with a friend and came home to find a bag of pastries hanging over a street-facing side gate. He claims he trashed the food but a few minutes later Furo was in his yard yelling Jacob’s name, professing his love and saying he was happy to see Jacob’s “stupid ugly face.”



Furio is not not allowed to contact Elordi and must be at least 100 yards away from him. The Kissing Booth star obtained the restraining order fearing for his safety and wondering if the behavior will escalate.




Source: TMZ

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