‘Occupy The Disco’-But You Need To Get Vaccinated Before You Enter!

The first weekend of the summer is typically a packed one, with Memorial Day revelers hitting summer seaside destinations like Fire Island and Provincetown. While the current weekend is serving to wash away the last year and a half (literally), nightlife is nonetheless returning with a passion. One thing revelers in some locales are noticing is that many nightlife spaces are going the extra mile to keep their patrons safe, and requiring proof of vaccination before entering the establishment. 

While nightlife spaces in New York City from Rise Bar to The Monster To Therapy are requiring vaccinations for entry, one of the most prominent New York State businesses to require vaccinations is The Pines on Fire Island. As the weekend commenced, Occupy The Disco announced announced that they would “open The Pavilion for the first time since 2019. We’re really excited and hope you can join us. ALL guests must have proof of vaccination or COVID negative test within 72 hours of arrival. No exceptions. See you there!”

On Cape Cod, Rick Murray President of Crown & Anchor, Mussel Beach Health Club released a statement stating in part “Due to the recent pivot, we have also decided to produce some large scale events during the summer in Paramount, we will require proof of vaccination”

As for New York City, when Mayor Bill de Blasio originally entertained fully reopening the city’s restaurants and bars by July 1, “vaccine passports”  were first mentioned. The most popular one is the Excelsior Pass, a state-certified digital pass that can be downloaded on a cell phone. 

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9 thoughts on “‘Occupy The Disco’-But You Need To Get Vaccinated Before You Enter!”

  1. It has become sad that a person’s medical privacy has gone out the window. Do any of you remember HIPPA law? I’m beginning to think that we are becoming a socialist state. It is now, do as I say or you will be cancelled. Very sad.

    • It’s HIPAA, NOT hippa. Secondly, if you fly anywhere internationally for the last couple of decades, certain countries have required certain vaccinations be shown, documented before you can enter their country. This requiring of vaccination is no different and is not a socialist state. Get off your high horse and quit bi*ching about it.

  2. As more businesses are doing this, I wonder if this is going to result in a big rise of fake vaccination cards. Some of these anti-vaxxers will stop at nothing.

    • Doug, let them! If you are vexed you have nothing to worry about. If they get somebody else sick who also provided a fake passport then let them get sick! They’ll deserve it, lying about the passport.

  3. Now that everyone is going back to the bars and clubs you will definitely see a massive, huge rise in STD’s among the gays.

    • Seriously? You specifically mention gays? Why not the straights out there whoring around everywhere too! That was an ignorant comment, just saying!


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