Officers ‘Stared’ At Genitals In NYC Bathrooms To Target Gay Men?

Stay off the sex apps and keep looking forward might be the next bit of advice gay/bi men may need to heed when going to the airport. Then again, police may stoop this low in any public bathroom. 

A class action lawsuit states that police officers were targeting men they thought were gay and arresting them on bogus charges in bus terminal bathrooms.

The lawsuit alleges that plainclothes officers with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey targeted men they perceived to be gay for arrests on baseless charges of exposure and public lewdness. According to the suit, officers pretended to use urinals next to men they perceived to be gay and would then stare at the suspects over privacy dividers, and in some cases would "actually step back from the urinal in order to see around the privacy wall, in an effort to view the target's hands and genitals," according to the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court by the Legal Aid Society and the law firm of Winston & Strawn.

A team of officers would then arrest the men as they left the men's room, the suit said, and "falsely (claim) that they were engaged in illegal conduct."

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit argued that Port Authority police discriminated against men according to their actual or perceived sexual orientation in order to increase quality of life arrest statistics. 

"The PAPD have continued to make such targeted arrests knowing or believing that most of those arrested will ultimately be forced to plead to lesser charges to avoid public embarrassment and humiliation, costly legal fees, and jail sentences, as well as reputational and professional harm associated with the false charges," the suit said. 

The Port Authority declined to comment on the suit. The Port Authority is a joint venture between New York and New Jersey that manages shipping terminals, bridges, tunnels, airports and waterfront developments, as well as the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.  –

No leaning back, no extra grunts, no tapping of the foot, watch your wide stance, and keep looking forward. Is that what needs to happen when we are at public restroom urinals?

Or we just walk in and exclaim "Gay Man Peeing" and see what kind of response we get.

We will have to keep an eye on this one.  Maybe we need to see the evidence first hand.


6 thoughts on “Officers ‘Stared’ At Genitals In NYC Bathrooms To Target Gay Men?”

  1. I always just use the stalls

    I always just use the stalls even to pee…I like my privacy for starters and then there's no potential for bs like this. 

  2. I’m not one to begrudge

    I'm not one to begrudge anyone their pleasures, but I, for one, am extra glad that I've never been into bathroom sex. Too much potential contamination of fun bits with bodily waste. But that's just me. If that's your thing, then rock out with your cock out!

  3. Entrapment!!! This happened

    Entrapment!!! This happened to me over 10 years ago!! The officer masturbated while looking at me and then arrested me when I did the same. 

  4. Make NO mistake: The NYPD and

    Make NO mistake: The NYPD and other police municipalities WILL turn to means of blackmail and extortion to profiteer from such detentions or full-on arrests!  So keep your eyes to yourselves, guys!  These kind of practices are done in other countries to extort tourists, especially in Arabic destinations like Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.  If you don't have the thousands of dollars on demand to hand over to the cops, kiss your freedom good-bye for five to fifteen years under their strict, anti-gay laws.  Worse case: Punishment by death!  Though it could never reach that latter point in the USA, the police state in America is suffering from reduced pensions, lower benefits, and these cops want to make an extra buck, even if it also means a side job in human trafficking by using their badge to kidnap ideal civilians, narcotic trade, or other unconscionable wrongs.  So just keep staring at the wall when you're at the urinal, boys.  

  5. I can’t believe this. With

    I can't believe this. With all the crap going on in the world this is what the police make time for? What a bunch of low life's! Most of the men they arrest probably aren't even out fully functioning gay men but guys still in the closet thinking bathrooms are where the action is at. And the an th Ed antiquated thinking by police that this is what gay guys do.

  6. Civilized cities gave up this

    Civilized cities gave up this stupidity years ago. Once again, New York proving itself the biggest hick town in the world. 


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