Oh Look A New Gen Z Internet Challenge – With Fire. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Daniel Newman / Twitter

Daniel Newman is always an excellent source for tantalizing pics and video clips that make you stop – usually of the phallic persuasion. From featured bulges and bodacious booties to ripped bodies and more, Newman’s Twitter account is the gift that keeps on giving.

But this past weekend though, Newman Tweeted out a video that was far more head-scratching than it was sexy. It featured Gen- Z’ers back with another one of their peculiar internet challenges and this one is even arguably more dangerous than that whole eating Tide Pods madness.


In a series of videos, young “challengers” can be seen inhaling some type of aerosol from a can, holding it in their mouths and then striking a cigarette lighter, as they exhale. Needless to say, the result is literally the equivalent of wilfully setting your own face on fire.

Seriously, does this generation have an innate death wish?


I have no idea how these ridiculous challenge phenomenons occur. Some are quite innocuous like the Kylie Jenner lip suction challenge, which transformed participants’ lips instantly into something resembling a duckbill. This aerosol challenge, however, is moronic and can easily result in a fatality or severe burns at the very least, so I really don’t get it.


I’m not one to bash another generation though because we, Gen-X’ers, had our version of this type of foolishness back in the 80s – just not as deadly. Who remembers that crazy-concoction dare of mixing Pop Rocks and soda? Rumor had it that the little kid who played “Mikey” in the Life Cereal commercials had died when he mixed Pop Rocks and soda together and allegedly choked to death.


We never knew if it was an urban legend or real, but many of us tried it and lived to tell about it. However, as for these Gen-Z kids, between eating Tide Pods and lighting their own faces on fire, pretty soon, there will be nobody left on the planet who was born between 1997-2012.

I can only conclude that Darwin was quite the visionary, indeed.

Disclaimer: I can’t believe I even have to write this but just to be on the safe side, no matter with which generation you identify, a.) please don’t inhale toxic aerosols and b.) please don’t inhale toxic aerosols and then ignite the fumes with a match or lighter.

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