Oh My: Bearded and Hunky Kelvin Fletcher Strips Down

Credit: Kelvin Fletcher Instagram

I had no idea who Kelvin Fletcher was until today. Now I’m glad I do, and am jealous that Michelle Visage gets to be very close to him on a weekly basis (more on that later).

Kelvin, 35, is a big name across the pond in England. He starred on the long-running television soap opera Emmerdale from 1996-2016 and is also a well-known professional racing driver. 


He’s also putting his dance moves to work alongside Michelle, 51, on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing (the British version of Dancing with the Stars). So consider this handsome lad to be a triple threat in the worlds of acting, dancing and racing.

Oh, and he has one glorious booty. I mean, top notch quality. Cocktails & Cocktalk posted a quick but very enjoyable video of him shaking it towards the camera on Monday, September 30 (link here).


There’s allegedly much more to this than him simply showing off his behind. Cocktails & Cocktalk also reported about a leaked video of him “thrusting” his d**k at the camera that was sent to a WhatsApp group of his friends. Kinky!

Let’s enjoy what we see for now until things change otherwise. Happy Man Meat Monday everyone!





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