Oh My God: Chris Meloni Once Again Shows Off His Massive Cakes!

Credit: Bravo TV

We are very “Happy” about this news.

Chris Meloni, who has been one of our favorite daddies to ogle over for more than two decades now, has once again given us a reason to turn us into a real life drool emoji.


The charismatic and sexy entertainer’s legendary booty is once again on display. This time around it’s on his SyFy series Happy

The scene (screenshots seen here courtesy of !! OMG BLOG !!) shows Chris’ character Nick Sax awaken and get out of bed… naked. It is during this time that we get a clear glimpse of the area that many of us have loved seeing ever since his days on the classic HBO series Oz.

Chris doing this comes at a good time as the former Law & Order: SVU star just hilariously read a bunch of thirst tweets left for him on the internet. From the looks of it he seems to enjoy just how badly people want him… and who could blame them?

Thanks Chris for another fabulous view of that prime piece of beef. 



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