Oh My God: Denise Richards Shares VERY Revealing Pic Of Her Husband Aaron Phypers

Credit: Denise Richards Instagram

Denise Richards teased that her husband Aaron Phypers has a pretty big package during this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She might be onto something based on the most recent photo she posted of him.



She posted this pic on #husbandappreciationday, which happened to be on Saturday, April 20. She hashtagged the post with #partnerincrime, #soulmate, and #husband.

That’s all and cute, but can we please talk about the indentation that appears below Aaron’s gorgeous stomach? Am I the only one seeing what’s going on here? 

Clearly not, as the eggplant emojis popped up on Denise’s comments section faster than Kyle Richards running out of that restaurant in Amsterdam after Lisa Rinna threw a drink at Kim Richards.

Here are some of the funnier remarks left about Aaron’s “size”: 


“I can clearly see the pieces.”

“Baby’s arm!”

“I would never get out of bed!”

“I need a moment to take this in.”


“I think she’s right I think he does have a big one.”

Denise introduced Aaron to some of her RHOBH costars earlier this season and flat out said that she was more interested in having sex with him at first before they eventually dated and got married.

What was her reason? She said he had a large package (there’s another word I can use, but you get the point).


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