Oh My God: Kellan Lutz Bulges Out in ‘What Men Want’

I took my boyfriend to see the Taraji P. Henson flick What Men Want over the weekend. It's essentially an updated version of the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want from 2000. 

Taraji plays a sports agent named Ali Davis who is determined to become partner at her agency. She expects this to happen towards the beginning of the film but is let down when another younger male counterpart gets the position over her.

This makes her irate in the aftermath as she can't seem to figure out why she didn't get the position. Ali later on goes to her friends bachelorette party, which included a reading by a psychic in the form of tarot cards.

Ali drinks a potion given to her by the tarot card reader after complaining about her not getting promoted and heads out for the evening with her girlfriends. She parties it up at the club before getting accidentally knocked out and ends up in the emergency room. 

It's here where she develops the abilities to hear men's thoughts. This ultimately gives her the advantage at work to navigate getting the coveted partner position she desires. 

The benefits of this go beyond the workplace. Ali lives in the same building as a superbly hot guy she refers to as "Captain F***tastic"… played by Kellan Lutz. She can't figure out if he's into her but that quickly changes when she's able to read his thoughts. Turns out that he thinks she's with her assistant Brandon (Josh Brener) as he's always riding the elevator with her. Brandon is gay, so she's able to act on getting what she wants based on her hearing Captain F***tastic's thoughts. 

Captian F***tastic enters the elevator during one scene in his workout gear, where his sweatpants leave very, very little to the imagination. You can totally see what Kellan is packing for a split second in the movie… leaving this writer to want to give What Men Want a much higher review.

Ali takes advantage of him in the elevator and they start to make out. He then carries her into his huge apartment, where she freshens up in his bathroom before realizing what an absolute freak he really is. 

Kellan's character gets his leather fantasy on by strapping up in a swing, where Captain F***tastic invites Ali into his dungeon for some very naughty action. She's not really down for this and leaves immediately. Oh well.

If there is one reason to see What Men Want, because the film was simply meh, it's Captain F***tastic. I clearly wasn't expecting to see Kellan like this… but sure glad he decided to get a little kinky in his hilarious role. 

"What Men Want" is playing in theaters now. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

Enjoy the chit chat, but if you want to see Kellan, jump to 2:40 .



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