Oh Nicky! Cannon Has 2 Different Women Pregnant At The Same Damn Time

At this point, Nick Cannon deserves to have his own national holiday – I don’t know, maybe we can call it “national announce you’re  expecting a baby day”. And it’d be well deserved because Cannon has just announced that he’s expecting his 10th child with Brittany Bell, a woman who has already birthed two of his other children. Can you blame him (or the women)? Yes, yes you can. But we’ve seen it… that di*k is kryptonite.

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The Masked Singer host took to his Instagram to announce the news, by posting images from the maternity shoot, captioned “Time Stopped and This Happened.”

Time may have stopped but Nick certainly hasn’t stopped unloading his cannon into beautiful women. The post alludes that the two are expecting a baby boy, as he used the hashtag #SonRISE in his caption. Bell has already given birth to two of Nick’s other children, Powerful and Golden.

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The kicker is, he has ANOTHER baby that’s due in the fall! One of his other baby mothers, Abby De La Rosa — is currently pregnant with his 9th child that is due in October. We know Nick is hung like a horse but at this point, he’s appearing to be a one trick pony. That thang must have women di*kmatized. If you forgot what Nick’s manhood looks like, click HERE to see when it was leaked on the internet.

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Just last month, Nick and Bre Tiesi gave birth to his 8th child. I hope The Masked Singer goes for another 30 seasons because at the rate he’s going, Nick is going to need all of the child support money he can make. I can’t believe he has dragged THEE Mariah Carey into his foolishness.

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Enjoy some witty and humorous Twitter commentary on Nick’s current situation.

How many children do you think Nick Cannon will eventually end up with? We wish Nick Cannon and all of the women that’s expecting his babies, a safe and healthy delivery.

Credit: Facebook/nickcannon
Credit: Facebook/nickcannon

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  1. That’s disgusting! How can anyone be so insensitive to the growing population of the world and willingly do this! Get your nuts snipped! What a pig!!!


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