Oh No! Jon Hamm Looks Like He Forgot to Wear Underwear Again

Credit: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm has become king of the d**k print as his career continues to soar. Meaning that his member is often spotted beneath whatever pants he’s wearing while out and about.

The former Mad Men star continued that tradition during an evening with his gorgeous girlfriend Anna Osceola on Friday, November 20. 


They looked to be having a blast while leaving a celeb hotspot in West Hollywood. Jon kept it simple in a white t-shirt and super tight pants where his b**ge was on full display (see pics here and scroll down to the second one for a better view).

The topic of Jon’s privates is nothing new as his swinging pendulum has been discussed for years. Perhaps he should wear better underwear that shield the public from getting a glimpse of what he’s packing or figure out a way to tuck it in better.

And yes, his peen has a nickname. Fans of his on social media refer to it as the “Hamm-aconda”. James Corden questioned the Emmy-winner about his package during an appearance on his late night talk show back in 2018 by asking him to show just how big it is by only using his hands.

“First of all how dare you,” Jon jokingly said in response. They were in the middle of a segment called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” where celebs either answer cringe-worthy questions (usually about themselves) or eat a grotesque item as punishment. 

Jon kept mum about his size (even though James’ mom was in the audience and was dying to know) and chose to eat a bull penis instead. Oh, the irony. 

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