Ohio Is Moving To Ban Children Drag Shows

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Is The Banning Turning Both Sides Of The Argument Into The Capulets And The Montagues?

Children dressing in drag has been filled with nothing but controversy. Some call allowing children to be drag queens child abuse while others rain on it with support of their literals dollars. One particular stand out is drag child, Desmond Is Amazing, who has been in numerous viral videos since he strutted through DragCon in 2017 and most recently appeared in drag on Good Morning America in January of this year.

Now, Ohio Representative, Tim Schaffer, is trying to ban children performing in drag in bars. Formally, House Bill 180 would:

“Prohibit a performance in which a child simulates sexual activity from taking place in an establishment that is a D liquor permit holder. If the offending establishment is a D liquor permit holder the court will order the revocation of the permit.”

AKA This bill would be sure that children are not performing drag in establishments that should liquor (bars and nightclubs). The Bill presented by Schaffer came to fruition after a performance of a child in a bar had multiple citizens concerned in Ohio’s Fairfield County. No charges were filed after the performance, but the parents have been accused of poor parenting by the community.

I’ve brainlessly decided what side of the fence I’m on, because I’ve been voicing my disgust against children’s beauty pageants for years and don’t believe any child should be sexualized. Children should absolutely be banned from doing drag shows, in places for targeted and meant for adults. To see a child collecting dollar bills like a stripper is appalling on every and any level, I’m not certain how someone can vouch for that kind of behavior?

I’m trying not to over analyze the dancing of a minor, so pardon me I’m speaking out of turn, but all of the alleged dancing and poses are over sexualized, because that is what drag has mainly become. Look at the recent stellar performance by two adults on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Yvie Oddly and Brook Lynn Hytes, who steamed nothing but sex during their latest lip synch.

However, the consensus of bad parenting surrounding parents who allow their children to do drag is bullocks. At least their parents are embracing them and not forcing them to play peewee football only to be miserable. I’m all for parents allowing these children to throw a drag day at a library or the YCMA and have a ball doing it, as long as this is being done for children, not for adults. I get the goosebumps thinking there is some pervert watching this online, God forbid in person, and getting a thrill out of it. This needs to be stopped and I’m fully backing the representatives in Ohio to ban children from performing in bars.

There’s been a stir on social media debating if children should be allowed to do drag in bars below. Check out some comments I peeped from another thread below:

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Do you believe children drag shows should be banned?

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  1. Ban kids from performing in bars, yes. But banning kids’ drag shows entirely ? That sounds too shades-of-gray, too close to banning costumes, period. That said, the Desmond kid’s parents don’t seem like fit guardians of any child. They actually allowed him (probably still on YouTube) to appear in drag getting all chummy with Michael Alig, the ex-con club kid who murdered and chopped up the body of his drug dealer.


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