Oil Worker Says HR Sent Him Sexual Emails & Pictures

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An oil rig worker in Queensland, Australia is suing his former employer after he says one of his bosses sexually harassed him for months.

According to the Courier-Mail, a man named Cade Morrison is suing Murarrier labour contractor Harness Energy Services after he was allegedly harassed by his human resources manager Vaughn Amete. Morrison says that Amete repeatedly came onto him despite showing no interest. Amete at one point stated that Morrison would only get a pay raise if he agreed to date or share a bed with the HR worker. Morrison also states that Amete sent naked photos of himself to the oil rig worker.


“If you want a pay rise you’ll have to take me to dinner,” he allegedly told Morrison. “I have 69 other people waiting for work.”

But the harassment doesn’t stop there, according to QNews. Morrison alleges that Amete also created a screensaver on his computer made up of multiple pictures of Morrison. Morrison also says that Amete added email appointments to Morisson’s work calendar with titles like “movies and cuddles,” “your dessert,” and “date dinner.”

When Morrison became more aggressive with his rejection, Amete allegedly called him an “ungrateful c***.”

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“Throughout the ordeal, I felt as though I had been pushed into a corner,” Morrison told the Courier-Mail.

“When I stood up for myself, I was subjected to verbal abuse and even threatened with my job. If I ignored the harassment, it would just get worse.”

Morrison says part of the reason he filed the lawsuit is because he complained to his employer about the harassment, but the company failed to act.

“I believe it’s important that all victims of sexual harassment, whether male or female, know their rights at work,” he said.


“By standing up for myself, I hope I can make a difference.”

The court case is due for a hearing on December 20. Court documents state that Morrison is looking for $260,000 in damages, past economic loss, and future economic loss.

Sources: The Courier-Mail, QNews

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