Oklahoma City House Turned Into A “House Of Horrors” To Target Gay Men


An Oklahoma City house became a “house of horrors” after it was used as the location for torturing gay men.


According to KFOR, several gay men were tricked, through Grindr invites, into showing up to an Oklahoma City house. The men thought they were arriving for a hookup, but instead found themselves victims of a crime.

Each man arrived at the house in 15 minute increments. After showing up, they were tied up and robbed at gunpoint. Afterwards, they were told to lie on the dirty ground.

The police first became suspicious of the crime when they received several calls about the area on S.W. 24th and Harvey.

When police set out to investigate the location, they discovered that the inside of the house was covered in trash.


In addition, the body camera footage, which can be watched below, shows the police discovering a backpack next to a chair. One victim later said that spot was where he was robbed at gunpoint.

Thankfully, none of the men were harmed. At one point, a victim tried to make a run for it. While he was later caught by the robbers, his distraction helped the other hostages escape and call the police.

So far, the authorities have been able to arrest one suspect, 31-year-old Deaunte McPherson. He has been charged with robbery with a firearm and kidnappings.

Unfortunately, the police are still looking for the other accomplices. Authorities are on the lookout for two men and one woman.

h/t: KFOR

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma City House Turned Into A “House Of Horrors” To Target Gay Men”

  1. These sanctimonious comments about not doing “anonymous” meetings are hypocritical. Everyone is a stranger the first time you meet them.

  2. I’m not going to criticize

    I'm not going to criticize the guys who went there for the hookup, but one must always remember there's inherent danger in this kind of stuff.

    • I’ll criticize them a little

      I'll criticize them a little bit.  I'm gay, been "out" for more than 40 years, and while my brain these days is firmly in my head instead of lower down, I remember the appeal of anonymous hookups.  But even at my horniest, I would have had second thoughts about going into this place for an anonymous encounter. It looks like a crack house, and blind dates at crack houses never end well.


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