Oklahoma Gay Bar Vandalized With Blueberries & Soup?

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Attacking us with fruit and soup?!

A gay nightclub in Oklahoma City found itself the target of a food-based attack last week. And not just once, but TWICE! As Oklahoma’s News4 reports, the Partners nightclub was vandalized on Tuesday and Wednesday night (Dec. 29 and 30). According to co-owner John McAffrey, employees discovered a vandalized car in the parking lot on Tuesday night.


“They came out and somebody vandalized one of the cars in the parking lot with apparently what was soup on it,” said owner John McAffrey.

The following night, the employees found the front walkway and a door had been hit as well. But this time, it was done with a different substance.

“It was everywhere,” McAffrey said. “We first thought somebody got sick and then once we got closer, we realized that it was, it looks like blueberries.”


McAffrey says that there’s surveillance of the culprit committing the vandalism, but he and the other owners have chosen not to release the video before speaking to an attorney. They did reveal, however, that the culprit owns an early 2000s Chevy Silverado.

There’s currently no word what the motive behind the vandalism was or who it could have been specifically targeted at. There’s also no word on whether this attack was charged by homophobia. In fact, McAffrey’s working suspicion is that it might be a disgruntled customer who’s mad that nightclubs close at 11 p.m. due to coronavirus restrictions.

“It was completely childish,” McAffrey said. “There’s better ways to handle something if it is targeted at a certain individual but it’s not going to stop us for continuing and having somewhere safe for everyone in the community to come to.”

For the moment, the bar has employed a security guard as an extra precaution.

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