Oklahoma Police Found A Naked Kidnapping Victim Running At Night While High On Cocaine

Stock Image / Photo by Chaney Zimmerman on Unsplash

A series of very weird circumstances and bad decisions led to one Oklahoma man running in the streets naked while hopped up on cocaine after being kidnapped.

A man from the town of Norman, who’s identity is being withheld, was found running around the streets of Moore, Oklahoma early Friday morning.

According to police and Oklahoma News 4, this man’s terrible night started when he went to a strip club called Déjà Vu around 3 a.m. While there, he got acquainted with a female dancer and later relocated to a 24-hour restaurant called Mama Lou’s.

There, the man and woman struck up a conversation with two men, identified as William Trites and Phillip Tullis. The male victim was impressed by the jeep that the two men came in on, and later started talking to them about cars.

As Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis says, the group “struck up a conversation that led them into Moore where that person said that he had some jeep tops that he had for sale.”

The four eventually arrived at a Moore storage building where the two men told the two victims that “they needed to pat them down for safety.” The two victims allowed it.

Once inside, Tullis and Trites prepared a few lines of cocaine and demanded that the two victims snort the drug against protests. Afterwards, the men became even more hostile and demanded money from the male victim. Eventually, they separated him from the dancer and drove him away from the building.

While in transport, Tullis and Trites ordered the victim to take off his clothes. They then abandoned him in a random street.

Quickly panicking, the naked victim started yelling out for help while running up and down the street. Eventually, the local residents called the police.

"There's a man running naked going west on Bethel Road," said one emergency caller. "He was going, 'Help, help, there`s been an accident,' and I wasn`t about to go out there."

Thankfully, the police were able to find the dancer and her narration of the night corroborated with the male victim’s.

"As crazy as it sounded at first, it actually did happen pretty closely to the way they said," Sgt. Lewis remarked.

Unfortunately, no arrests for Tullis and Trites have been made yet, but Oklahoma police are on the lookout.

h/t: Oklahoma News 4

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