Oliver Stark Responds to Homophobic Backlash On Same-Sex Kiss Scene

Oliver Stark, known for his role as Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley on the hit procedural drama 9-1-1, recently addressed the feedback surrounding a same-sex kiss involving his character in a recent episode of the series.

During the show’s 100th broadcast, Buck had a romantic moment with Tommy Kinard, portrayed by Lou Ferrigno Jr., which sparked significant reactions from fans.


Taking to Instagram Stories, the 32-year-old London-born actor expressed gratitude for the positive response to Buck’s storyline, stating that he felt “humbled and overwhelmed” by the messages of support.

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However, Stark also addressed less favorable responses, emphasizing that those criticizing the storyline fail to grasp the message of “love and inclusion” at the heart of the show. He dismissed negative comments, asserting that he “truly doesn’t care” about detractors who claim the storyline has “ruined the show.”


Highlighting the show’s longstanding portrayal of diverse relationships, Stark pointed to the characters Henrietta ‘Hen’ Wilson and Karen Wilson, played by Aisha Hinds and Tracie Thoms respectively, as an example of the show’s commitment to inclusivity.

In a final statement, Stark urged viewers to reconsider their stance if a character’s exploration of bisexuality serves as a “deal breaker,” suggesting they may have missed the broader themes of the series.

He concluded by stating that those displeased with the storyline are not obligated to announce their departure from the show.  So we say “Bye Felicia” 🙂


Source: Variety

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