Olly Alexander Opts for a Dystopian Gay Boxing Theme at Eurovision

Olly Alexander recently showed off his talent and stage presence for the first live performance of his Eurovision entry “Dizzy”, which was held in Malmo, Sweden.


For the semi-final, the 33-year-old English singer and actor chose a dystopian gay boxing theme, which set the Malmo stage ablaze. The performance itself was eye-catching with the help of camera work that gave off the perception that Alexander and his shirtless back-up dancers were performing on the ceiling.

His performance did not only capture the viewers’ focus though, as it also steamed up the evening with the back-up dancers’ raunchy choreography. Not to mention the part where Alexander ran his hand over one of the dancers’ shirtless body.

Most of his performance was filmed inside the dystopian set, then he went out onto the stage during the final chorus. Meanwhile, commentary hosts Scott Mills and Rylan Clark exclaimed:

“Yes Olly, that’s how you do it!”


The audience also cheered for Alexander while people online have mixed reactions on his performance.


Despite the mixed reviews from the viewers, Alexander is already guaranteed a place at the Grand Final, which will be held on May 11 at the Malmo Arena.


But before that, you can watch Alexander’s first semi-final performance here:

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1 thought on “Olly Alexander Opts for a Dystopian Gay Boxing Theme at Eurovision”

  1. Staging is amazing.

    Lots of people over reacted to the homoerotic dancing – for me it was hot.

    I hope his singing improves finals night. It was a bit shaky and inconsistent.


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