Olympic Opening Ceremony Was A Hot Oily Mess … And We Liked It.

So maybe the only thing memorable from last night's Olympic opening ceremonies was this …


According to Twitter, Tonga's flag bearer stole the show during the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night.

During the Parade of the Nations — which traditionally runs for a long portion of the show — Pita Taufatofua appeared, shirtless and oiled up, to keep viewers glued to the kickoff event, which ran for five hours on NBC. – hollywoodreporter.com

There was actually more.  Seeing all our Olympians, and going through the teams saying "Hot, how, wow, she's gorgeous, gay, hot, coach, coach, hot"  We should have turned that into a drinking game. 

If we were drinking, we would have spit it all out when Pita came on the screen.


In the next clip, we hear that Hoda Kotb from NBC is just as thirsty as we are.



Yes, we know most of these "in their prime" athletes would look just as good shirtless and oiled up.  But now we know why he was wearing a traditional skirt / kilt like outfit … because he was the only one with the balls big enough to oil up and say look at me. 

No matter why the decision was made to oil Pita up, WE THANK YOU!

In all honesty, last night was about the athletes and commercials.  The beginning of the ceremonies displaying the history of Brazil was somewhat entertaining, the new commercials were fun to watch bu too plentiful, and it was a relief when the athletes finally started marching in.   It was great to see all of our great men and women marching in behind first time marcher and flag bearer Michael Phelps.  They did us proud.


And, well, here's some more pics of Pita from the twittersphere.


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