Omar Apollo Drops Emotional Music Video for New Song “Ice Slippin”

Last week, Omar Apollo released his new ballad “Ice Slippin”, and now he recently dropped an emotional music video for it.

(c) Instagram: @omar.apollo

The 26-year-old American singer-songwriter previously explained the meaning behind his latest song, which is ultimately inspired by him coming out to his family. 


“‘Ice Slippin’ is about reliving the thoughts I had passing through my mind the winter I came out to my family,” he stated.

“Receiving cold judgment as opposed to the acceptance I felt I deserved. This song is a reflection and reaction of all the emotions I had to face before and after I decided to leave the icy streets of Indiana,” he further expressed.

(c) Instagram: @omar.apollo

Moreover, Apollo bares it all in the music video, both physically and emotionally. While naked in an icy water, he sings the lyrics:


“If I’m being honest / If I said what I said, would you hate me? / Would you hate me?”

“Ice Slippin” deals with heartbreak and rejection, and the vulnerability of it all is portrayed in the music video — with a sonogram, X-ray images of the brain, as well as throwback photos and videos of the “Evergreen” singer.

The heartfelt ballad is the lead single of Apollo’s forthcoming EP, Live For Me, which is set to be released on October 6. In the meantime, you can watch the official music video of “Ice Slippin” here:


2 thoughts on “Omar Apollo Drops Emotional Music Video for New Song “Ice Slippin””

  1. Holy sh*t how am I just learning that Omar’s gay! Wow. I just looked up some articles about him and it’s true. I feel out of the loop.

    “No, I didn’t even know I was gay,” he said. “OK, I did – but not really. I was 17 when it really hit me, and I remember I was in the shower like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy.’”

    “It doesn’t feel like a responsibility, which is good, because it’s so effortlessly me … it’s not like I have to work towards being gay,” he added.

    Despite being comfortable as an out gay singer now, Apollo grew up Catholic, which instilled a sense of guilt within him when it came to living his authentic life.

    I can really relate to the growing up Catholic & gay, whew glad I survived it.


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