Omar Apollo Opens Up About Growing Up Gay in a Religious Community

Omar Apollo recently opened up about growing up as a young queer in a religious community, and having to be limited by the rules surrounding it.

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In an interview with GQ, it was noted that “a Catholic guilt” was instilled in the 25-year-old singer-songwriter after “growing up gay in a religious community.” 


“All the rules, man. Can’t be gay. Can’t cuss. Can’t do drugs. I’m just like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ It’s terrible. Really heartbreaking. But whatever,” he shared.

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Despite the impact that it left him, Apollo is reportedly more understanding of religion, and he sometimes even sees the comfort that it can bring to some people as “kind of beautiful.” Moreover, the “Evergreen” singer also talked about his sentiments on labeling his sexuality.

The topic relating to his sexuality has become seemingly inevitable, as it is tethered to his music. However, Apollo doesn’t like the labels “gay and Mexican” to epitomize him as an artist and individual.


“Obviously. I’m aware of the inheritance of being like… I hate speaking like [this]. Mexican guy… You know? Queer… I get it for sure, I just don’t think about it like that,” he expressed.

(c) Instagram: @britishgq

Last November, the singer was accused of queerbaiting after a user questioned if he was one of those “I don’t label myself let me wear cropped and paint my nails and say I find another guy hot” kind of singers.

And to that, Apollo candidly replied:

“No i b sucking dick fr,” and also added:

“From the back, 100%.”


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