Omar Apollo Sings About the Idea of Polyamory in New Song

Omar Apollo recently released a new single titled “3 Boys,” wherein he expresses that a relationship of three isn’t exactly for him.

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In the song in question, the 25-year-old openly queer singer-songwriter seems to entertain the idea of polyamory, also known as some sort of ethical non-monogamy. However, he eventually realizes that he cannot do it.


Not to mention, he also expresses that he is only drawn to one person in the hypothetical threesome. 

“Three boys would work if I wasn’t so tethered to you /
What should I do? /
I can’t even choose /
I’m tethered to you, hey,” Apollo sings in the chorus.

Moreover, the “Ivory” singer shared in an interview with Billboard that he has become more comfortable with expressing his sexuality through releasing more music. 

“I wasn’t super open about my sexuality, but people were hearing things. In Indiana people were saying, ‘He’s not even gay, he’s just doing that to be artist-y.’ I always thought it was funny because the reality of my life is not that; it’s not a choice, it’s just what I am. You have to laugh at things like that,” he stated.


Apollo is set to hit the road with SZA for her upcoming SOS tour. In the meantime, you can listen to “3 Boys” here:


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  1. I know it’s just a rumor that Shawn Mendes is gay & dating Omar but I could totally see it. I can’t wait until Shawn says he’s gay. I know he’s denied it in the past but my gaydar is NEVER wrong.


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