Omar Apollo Spills the Tea on “Fire Facetime Sex”

Omar Apollo recently opened up about his virtual sex life, sharing about the dos and don’ts of Facetime sex, as well as having had sugar daddies…


“I was more a fan of pictures. Facetime sex, I’ve only done a few times,” the 26-year-old singer-songwriter shared in the Throwing Fits podcast.

When asked by co-host James Harris whether he is a “front-camera or back-camera” kind of guy, Apollo admitted:

“Back camera. I can’t show my face. Facetime sex is hot, not going to lie. I think because it’s like, you know… like if there is a screenshot, it’s like, oh f**k.”

“Something about the risk. It might be an inherently gay thing. Just like that adrenaline, you know what I mean?,” he added.


Moroever, the “Live For Me” singer described that growing up gay in Hobart, Indiana was a “nightmare.” He was then asked if his good looks gave him privilege, to which Apollo revealed:

“I guess it [did]. I had sugar daddies and shit growing up. I didn’t have to do anything. [I] just answered the phone, and he would give me money.”

He also shared that he used the money to buy things like a bass guitar and laptop to pursue his music aspirations. 

“But I mean, I was like 18-years-old. I was like a new gay. I didn’t want to come out, so I was just trying to be DL,” Apollo further stated.



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