Omar Ayuso Went On A Wild, Naked Ride In New Photoshoot

Images: Instagram @omarayuso

Omar Ayuso is back with the thirst traps, and we love it.

We already knew that Omar Ayuso was comfortable with his body, and showing it to others. After all, he did share a picture of his unzipped pants on Instagram back in April.


As Ayuso, who is openly gay and stars in the Netflix drama Elite, social media is a place for everyone to present themselves as the people they want to be.

“In the end, a social network is nothing more than an expression of the version of ourselves that we wish to be,” he said in an interview with Interview Magazine, which included a photoshoot in a jockstrap. “It’s a showcase for what I want to talk about.”

So we weren’t surprised when we saw the actor shared more thirst trap photos online. But while we weren’t surprised, we were certainly thankful.


Omar Ayuso’s latest photoshoot, which was shot by Javier Ruiz, styled by Rocio Alvarez, and directed by Teresa Maontanuy, involved the actor and model riding and licking a motorcycle while naked. In addition, Ayuso was joined by another man, who was clothed. Honestly, there’s no real explanation for this photoshoot. Though, the pictures may be a part of a larger project done between Ayuso and the above-mentioned creatives. But no matter what the reasoning is, we love seeing the Ayuso and the photos.

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