One Of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: California Dad Shows Off Gay Son At Work!

In no special order, we're recapping Instinct Magazine's Top 18 stories of 2018.

Here's one originally from April 2018 that made many of us all warm and cozy inside.

According to Buzzfeed, an 18-year-old openly gay, California-boy, Louis Jr, posted a cute screen cap of a conversation with his father: Louis Sr. Louis, in all his twinky cuteness, posts his father’s request asking to see “him and his boy toy” to show him off to customers at the restaurant he works at. The moment of love is now on the world wide web for us to drown in…and drowning we are!

Yes, Louis’ father even referred to his boyfriend as a ‘boy toy’! Scandalous, dad! Of course, in true gay boy fashion, Louis Jr. is enjoying his moment in viral fame. He tells Buzzfeed:

“I really love the comments toward my dad. Everyone was telling how much they love my dad – that he was father of the year. It’s just my dad accepting who I’m in love with.”

While shying away from the internet’s sneaky ways, likely because some jerks are trying to get him fired from his job, Louis Sr. did proclaim:

“It makes me feel good that people are out there giving me props.”

Ahh, so adorable! I hope Louis Sr. continues to stay out of the spotlight – and employed. And, let’s hope Louis Jr and his boyfriend remain together- I remember my first love and boyfriend at 18, let’s say it didn’t last too long!

Also, am I the only person who cannot wait for the day where a father loving his gay son isn’t deemed newsworthy?! Yet, I’ll take any progression and LGBTQ positivity I can get!


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