One of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: Hardware Store Owner Shows His Homophobia Publicly.

In no special order, we're going to recap Instinct Magazine's Top 18 stories of 2018.

We are most likely going to be seeing more of these signs as the political culture in the United States continues to be an us vs. them mentality, the educated vs. the not, the my rights before yours. This story was originally from June 2018, things have not drastically changed since then.
We hope 2019 will be better. Keep strong.


Homophobic Jeff Amyx, who made national headlines back in 2015 for putting up a sign outside his hardware store that read "No Gays Allowed", has happily put that sign back up again after the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling this week. 


He told WATE 6-TV he wasn't worried about how the sign would impact business at his store, and said, “I don’t hate people. It’s not the people I hate, it’s the sin that I hate.” –


The sign was originally posted back in the summer of 2015 at Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, Tennessee after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. He claimed the sign and policy was necessary because his religion has instructed him to be unneighborly toward a persecuted minority group. 

He even went further then that a couple of months later and started selling homophobic merchandise outside of his paltry little hung up sign. 

Now, that sign is back up at his business after the SCOTUS ruling, where he told local affiliate WBIR how surprised he was that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of fellow homophobe Jack Phillips. “I was really shocked because of the track record of our Supreme Court," he said.

h/t: WBIR


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