One of The Mean Gays is Ready to Take Pop Music by Storm!

Photo Credit: @JJakeJonezz on Instagram

Jake Jonez is quickly transforming from the mean gay to the literally everything gay. 

A writer, producer, comic and model hailing from Atlanta, I first became aware of Jake’s talent via social media where he famously plays 1/2 of The Mean Gays. Along with Aaron Goldenberg, The Mean Gays provide social commentary while also playing the part of those backhanded, twofaced, better than thou gays we’ve all met at one time or another. 


Check out some of their videos below.


Funny, right? And accurate, unfortunately. 

Now Jonez is taking his talent off YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and into the recording studio as he attempts to launch another career as a pop singer.

To date, at least as Spotify is concerned, Jonez has released two singles – ‘Citrus’ in April 2024 and ‘Display’ in May 2024 featuring Ocean Kelly. The two songs combined currently have over 75,000 streams on Spotify and over 18,000 views on YouTube. 


I’m a bad pop music afficionado so I’m totally here for the new music from Jake Jonez. I actually can’t wait to see what he has in store for fans in the future as his style matures and grows. Plus, the more gay representation in music the better!

Jonez is also an intermittent column author and co-host of The Gayly Dose. 

Are you a fan of Jake? What do you think of his music? Comment and let me know! 

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