One Victim Suffered Bone Fractures And Concussion After Homophobic Attack

(image via Depositphotos)

Four men in Washington state have been arrested for allegedly harassing and physically attacking a gay couple for holding hands at a food truck.

Pedro Mata Contreras, 36, Oscar Emestor Mata, 38, Ulises Missael Reyes-Mata, 24, and Jose Torres, 37, were charged with Felony Malicious Harassment. All four maintain their innocence.

Local CBS News affiliate KEPR reports eight witnesses told police the group of four men verbally harassed the gay couple early Sunday morning at a food truck in Pasco, using the word “f*g.”

The incident escalated as the men reportedly punched one of the victims in the face. As he fell to the ground, the other men began to kick him repeatedly. 

The victim, left bleeding on the ground as the men ran away, suffered bone fractures in his face and a concussion.

(mug shots via Franklin County)

Witnesses were able to identify the four accused attackers.

The four men are scheduled to be arraigned on December 31.

(Source: KEPR)

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