One Woman Came Across Three Men Mid-Sex Act At 8AM

(photo: Pexels/Gauthier-Pierre)

The Council of Southwark, located in a southern borough of London, has secured an injunction to help combat shenanigans in Burgess Park after neighbors have complained of rising public sex acts and more during the coronavirus health threat.

The Southwark News recently reported that gay and bisexual men have increasingly been seen in secluded areas of the park cruising for – and having – sex. The newspaper included one episode where a mother and her children came across three men caught in mid-sex act at 8am.


Burgess Park is apparently known as a popular area for men to cruise, but it seems the current COVID-19 crisis is what brought the issue to light as there have also been unlicensed raves with loud live music lasting until 3am. 

With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down many clubs and nighttime venues, illegal raves have begun to spring up in the middle of the night.

Neighbors have not only complained about the noise but an enormous amount of trash including condoms and tissues found in the park.

As a result, Southwark Council’s new injunction will ban amplified music, lighting equipment, marquees, gatherings of more than 20 people after 9pm, sexual activity, carrying weapons and violent behavior. 


In an announcement, Southwark Council wrote, “If people refuse to do as they ask, inline with the seven terms of the injunction, they will be found in breach of a court order and in contempt of court.  This could result in a fine, and up to two years in prison.”

The injunction went into effect on August 28 and will last for one year.

Gay Star News reports some cruisers grousing about the new efforts to hamper getting handsy.

“Why don’t people just be decent and clean up after f**king and none of this would of happened,” wrote one commenter. “This has been brought on by a few affecting as all.”


And another: “If people don’t start showing more consideration when cruising, there’ll be no cruising grounds left.”

Get a room, guys…

(source: Southwark News, Gay Star News)

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