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A Man Ventured To A Sexual Encounter Only To Realize He Was Being Filmed Without Consent

Imagine walking into your hookups house after a month of chatting. You’re so excited to finally get the release you’ve been wanting since the beginning of your risqué conversation. As you enter in your easy access pants, your hard on becomes flaccid as your curious desire turns into fear. While this situation is more of an early America Online Chatroom horror story compared to modern times, this next story matches exactly with one man’s recent online hookup.


According to Slate, a user titling himself as The Party Is Over ParTy’sOver (clever) claims he just had a terrifying online meetup experience. As a member of a global kink community that practices consensual bondage sex, ParTy met with someone he’d been chatting with for over a month. They went into specifics of their encounter beforehand (as one always should) and ParTy believed their romp was going to be one for the books. To his surprise, upon entering his hookups home he smelled meth in the air, a meth pipe, and another person who was blindfolded and in underwear. The host denied any drug use, but the blindfolded person came clean with the truth. ParTy isn’t into drugs so was making a move to bail. To put more salt in the wound, ParTy discovered himself on the host’s television – the host was livestreaming their hookup to seventy-four viewers. Despite an apology from the host, ParTy booked it out of there. After getting back onto their BDSM hookup site, ParTy discovered that same host was still on and looking for other men to come join him. He’s nervous that the host will continue to do this without consent and younger men may easily fall victim. Should he report him? Slate’s sex advice columnist believes at the very least the administrators of the website they are on should be notified, if ParTy doesn’t want to report the man to the police for unwittingly appearing in porn – as it may fall under revenge porn pending on the state they are in.

This story reminds us of one from summer 2018. A Florida man, Bryan Deneumostier, was arrested for running his personal gay porn website called Straightboyz where he tricked an endless amount of men into believing he was an army housewife who had a gloryhole. Deneumostier invited the heterosexual over to his place where he would secretly film them. Eventually the videos caught up to him and thankfully he was convicted, although investigators believe many of the men still have no idea they were fooled and thus sexually assaulted.

How would you react if you found out your hookup was filming you? Any of us who have gone onto a porn website often will see a hidden camera scene in the most viewed section. What if these amateur videos truly are genuine – these people aren’t aware they are being filmed. These situations actually happen. It’s terrible, triggering, and makes you want to play host. But, then you have to invite strangers to your place! Online hookups continue to be a bizarre cat and mouse game.

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