OnlyFans – A Cautionary Tale from Joel Michael Anderson

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At one point or another, many of us joked about quitting a dead-end job and launching an OnlyFans account to pay the bills. The comment was undoubtedly met with a few awkward chuckles of words of encouragement. But is throwing yourself into a sex-based industry the smartest career choice when you were previously a librarian, a retail clerk or a landscaper. Is losing your sense of personal intimacy worth a fat but fleeting direct deposit? Joel Michael Anderson is here to tell you how he sees in.

In a lengthy interview with Patrick Kelleher at Pink News, Joel speaks on his views of the sex-work industry and some of the pitfalls in its empire. You see, when he’s working in the independent film market as a director, writer and producer, Joel goes by Joel Michael Anderson. However, when he’s working in the business of skin, he goes by the name Johnny Ford. Both personas, real Joel and character Johnny, collide in Anderson’s third short film, DOXY. I imagine Kelleher’s interview with the star was at least partially in promotion of the title. 


Here are the best bits of their interview, which was published to Pink News on April 17th.  

Anderson on long term repercussions: 

After starting a page and realizing [content creators] are competing with professional performers in an over-saturated global industry, they regret exposing everything to anyone for $10. It’s a scary bridge to cross, especially because the bridge gets burned down behind you – nudes are online forever.

There are plenty cases of an OnlyFans creator not making much from subscriptions and turning to an inbox full of escorting solicitations. I would hate for my example to lead others to unwillingly give OnlyFans a try, and then get pulled deeper and deeper into it only because they crossed a bridge and can’t go back.


On negative opinions against sex work: 

The stigma comes from believing sex workers are immoral and perverse just for being comfortable, confident, and sexually free with their body. The reality is that everyone has different personal feelings about their body and their sexuality. Some like to experience more with it, some like to show it off more, some actually find a fun thrill in feeling like their body is a purchased toy for a moment, some feel pride and power in knowing their sexual prowess is so impressive that others will pay a lot for it.

There are plenty of reasons a human may choose, willingly and happily, to pursue leveraging their body and sexuality for income, and it can be very empowering for them Even if you don’t like it or think it’s immoral, every human should support the free enterprise of a money-service exchange when it doesn’t hurt others.


Joel’s final thoughts:

Workers can feel stuck in the industry without a better option for income. Like I said, once that bridge is crossed, it’s pretty much burned down. Don’t start it without an exit strategy.


 Source: Pink News 

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