Oop! WWE Hottie Daniel Bryan Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Credit: Bryan Danielson Instagram

Popular WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan had a major oops happen during a recent wrestling match the left the bearded hunk almost naked for a split second or two. 


He was in the ring with Drew Gulak during a match on Sunday, March 8, called the Elimination Chamber. Daniel, like many others in his profession, only wore a pair of trunks and boots during his time in the ring. His lack of clothing turned out to be a problem for him as his, um, nuts slipped out a couple of times. 

Perhaps whoever designs his clothing should add some extra thread towards the bulge portion of it as his cahones were seen while he and Drew fought each other live on television (kudos to Cocktails and Cocktail for the images seen HERE). 

Then again… woof. 

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