Oops? ‘Bachelorette’ Costar Tyler Cameron Kisses Male Friend On The Lips! 

Credit: Tyler Cameron Instagram

Tyler Cameron, former star of ABC’s The Bachelorette who has pretty much been driving fans wild over his chiseled body and smoking hot face for months, engaged in a super cute lip lock with his equally as attractive friend by accident and we have their gal pal to thank. 


It went down like this. Tyler and his buddy Matt James played a little game with their girlfriend while being in self-quarantine like the rest of us (They are calling themselves the “Quarantine Crew”). It looked like the three were setting themselves up for a kiss with the lady in the middle as she prepared for them to give her a smooch on both sides of her cheeks. JEALOUS MUCH? 


Anyways, that didn’t happen, and we are thankful for that. She pulled away the second they were about to do the act which ended in Tyler and Matt giving each other a very brief but sexy kiss. They laughed it off along with the girls but, um, yeah it was still hot. 


Oh and here’s a better shot of Matt for you all to gawk at. Yummy indeed. 

5 thoughts on “Oops? ‘Bachelorette’ Costar Tyler Cameron Kisses Male Friend On The Lips! ”

  1. Funny how instinct magazine keeps promoting how proud we are etc however as soon a a good looking guy comes along then all sins are forgiven! Am I missing something here , he clearly kisses the guy and then says right that’s gross. I’ve 2 men kissing is gross? And this is the stuff fyou are trying to out a positive spin on because what ? He’s a good looking white man so it’s ok ?
    If the shoe was on the other foot and Trump said eugh gross then all hell would break loose.
    This actually shows how fickle the gay community is.
    Well done instinct magazine for taking 2 steps back again.

    • Agreed Simon. It is total pandering and they could have given more context. He says “gross” but seemed happy describing his roommate’s “full, voluptuous, black lips…” so theoretically he’s a closet case. Then again, heterosexual horseplay with homoerotic undertones will always get clicks because we hate ourselves and want to imagine people who sleep with men without the burden of being called queer.

      • I just watched again and it is pretty annoying. I thought this time how some heterosexual women participate in homophobia because it validates their need to be wanted by men. Gross.


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