Ooze Happiness and Dance with ‘Celebrate Your Face’

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I knew Cheyenne Jackson‘s career in Hollywood has paralleled his rise in musical theater, but I didn’t know he pursued music outside of the silver screen or grand stage! Well, jokes on me, because the former Grammy and Emmy Award nominee just released a brand new, summer single titled ‘Celebrate Your Face.’

On my first listen, I thought that ‘Celebrate Your Face’ was a little juvenile for a man who’s spent 46 years on planet Earth. However, after my second listen, I started to really like it! It steers away from the cringy lyrics I was expecting, and Jackson’s distinguishable voice comes through in an endearing way. It’s a positive, happy song in a world of darkness and I can totally see this being a huge hit at the gay clubs.


Speaking to his fans in the Instagram post below, the Call Me Kat actor states:

“I wrote this song several years ago for someone in my family who was suffering with depression. I wanted her to see how beautiful and important and how much she actually mattered, even though she couldn’t see it at the time. I never did anything with it, I guess I just figured it would find a home when the time was right. Well, for the season 2 finale of @callmekatfox I pitched it to my producers and they loved it for the show…so I made a proper recording of it and channeled my inner Duran Duran / Neverending Story / TOP GUN fantasy.”


‘Celebrate Your Face’ was released to streaming outlets by Ooze House Music from producers Jay Levine and Rob Schustack. Cheyenne wrote, sang and aided Jason Brett Levine and Jessica Charlotte Vaughn in composing the new bop. Find ‘Celebrate Your Face’ on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer and Pandora. Or you can stream it on YouTube below. Because laziness.


On top of three albums as part of a Broadway cast and one album from the recently cancelled Netflix musical Julie and the Phantoms, Cheyenne has released five singles as a solo singer with three accompanying solo albums. His latest catalog, 2016’s Renaissance, reached #9 on the Billboard Jazz chart.

Most known for his roles in 30 Rock, Glee and American Horror Story, fans are currently speculating that Mr. Jackson is one of the secret performers on the current season of The Masked Singer. Only time will tell!

What are your thoughts on ‘Celebrate Your Face’?  Have a listen below and let us know!

5 thoughts on “Ooze Happiness and Dance with ‘Celebrate Your Face’”

    • Cheyenne. Jackson. Celebrate. Your face. I can help you your my boyfriend now. Yes do like you. Love you miss you. So much. come back. To. Me.

  1. Love Love LOVE THIS SONG! I have followed Cheyenne’s career since he was in ‘All Shook Up’. I have seen him in several other shows (‘Xanadu’, ‘Finian’s Rainbow’, ‘Damn Yankees’) and also in concert, television, and film…this man is multi-talented and gorgeous. I have purchased all his albums and will be adding this song to my iTunes!

    • Jackson has had a career prior to La Murphy, honey. He appeared on

      I’ll admit that sadly he doesn’t have as much of a career as Daren Criss but it was there (Criss is a better example of what you are thinking, since even though he was probably FAR better known for his Potter musical before Glee, he certainly owes a lot of his acting career of late to Murphy constant casting of him).


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