Opinion: Why Keycard Elevators Are Ruining Gay Hookups

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Death and taxes are inevitable in every person’s life. So is the anonymous hotel hookup that many people, gay men included, have done at least once.
There is a thrill to this kind of get together. It’s usually a no strings attached, predetermined kind of fun ordeal where both parties hopefully finish with a smile on their face. Even better, you more than likely will never see them again (if that’s what you desire), making the anonymity of your time together that much more real.
I have noticed, however, that this sort of meeting has become beyond frustrating for anyone attempting to do so as of late. As silly as it sounds, the popularity of keycard elevators has somewhat diminished the thrill of the random hotel hookup as there are extra layers to getting off that weren’t around even a couple of years ago.
Keycard elevators are primarily located in newer and established hotel chains compared to ones that are less glamorous and a bit run down. I can understand why they have them to keep security tight, but it further complicates things for people who don’t want to go through all the hassle of calling the front desk to let someone in or even worse having to meet them in the lobby when you just want to get your rocks off.
There are people, like me, who enjoy the thrill of someone just coming to your hotel room and getting things started. The more, the merrier in some situations, and to each their own as my days of slut shaming other men have come and gone. Get yours if you want. It’s your life, not mine.
Here’s something related to this that happened over the summer. I was staying in a hotel on assignment back in June and was looking to hookup. The app I was using was particularly popular that day due to the area that I was in, which made the possibility of enjoying a quickie that much greater.
So, there was more than one invite (leaving the actual number out of this) that morning. I had to unfortunately have each of the guys go to the front desk to buzz them in, where the employee sounded more and more judgmental every time I answered. “HI sir, are you expecting another guest?” they would say at an increasingly rude tone.
It was somewhat humiliating, even though I knew they were doing their job, but this would’ve been a perfect situation to just cut the middle man and get to work.
I know this is a machine that can’t be stopped, and the venting in this situation might sound minimal or pointless for some who read, but its part of an increasingly agitating problem going on in the world of hooking up.
Apps have taken over meeting guys at a bar for the most part. We rely on them for everything from friendships to f**king, yet they are more complicated than useful in many situations.
Hooking up at a hotel goes beyond the annoyance of a keycard elevator. There are endless amounts of guys who say they are going to meet but either flake, ignore or block you when you think you’ve got everything set up. It gets to the point where you either debate hiring an escort or relying on your trusty right (or left) hand to have some sort of fun.
This ultimately begs the question: is hooking up even fun anymore when there are so many bells and whistles in the way? 
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