Oregon Council Member Ignites Online Feud With Hate

Echo City, Oregon councilmember, Lou Nakapalau, recently got into an online feud with openly gay filmmaker Joe Wilson. On the Facebook page for Wilson’s film Kumu Hina, Nakapalau voice his distaste after an article that talked about transgender workers no longer being protected by federal anti-discrimination laws. Kumu Hina, is a documentary about a transwoman from Hawaii.

During the back and forth fight, Nakapalau expressed that he is “sick of the LGBTQ crowd shoving their ho keyed up agenda down my throat.”

But the argument reached crescendo when Nakapalau declared “When you croak of AIDS (Anally Injected Death Serum) I’ll spit on your grave!”


The councilmember has refused to apologize for his remarks, but after editing away some profanity and other expletives, the comments were removed from Facebook.

According to the East Oregonian, the Echo City council has issued a public apology about the events. Here is their full statement:

The Echo City Council would like to extend its sincerest apology to those who were offended by comments made by a council member in a Facebook dialog reported by the East Oregonian. Comments of individual council members on their personal social media accounts do not have any endorsement or approval of the council as a whole nor do they represent city policy. The City would never endorse or approve any statement that disparages any person because of his or her race, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

Further the City of Echo has never taken any action or set any policy that was in any sense prejudicial or biased toward a class or group of people.

The city council is made up of elected volunteers who donate their time without any form of compensation and who have rights like other citizens such as freedom of speech.

4 thoughts on “Oregon Council Member Ignites Online Feud With Hate”

  1. This is my dad. Or as I refer

    This is my dad. Or as I refer to him my sperm donor. Guess I should be glad he never wanted to be a part of my life, especially since I'm a lesbian! 

  2. He should be fired..he was

    He should be fired..he was elected and has to represent all people.people learn when they lose money. Period. Fire him. Let him learn the hard way.

    • It is Aquired¬†Immune

      It is Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  Do your research and don’t believe ignorant folks. 




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