Orlando Bloom Shows Off Intense Workout Despite the Summer Heat

Orlando Bloom is 45 and indeed thriving with everything on his plate, from shooting for his upcoming film, doing intense workouts, as well as helping out in whichever way he can for the sake of the environment.

It is no wonder that the English actor is able to maintain a fit physique because he still makes sure to exercise even with the scorching summer heat. He does intense workouts that seem quite painful to some extent, and it is evident based on his facial expressions.

The aching is probably worth it though, seeing how ripped his muscles are…

Speaking of Bloom’s muscles, he was recently spotted on the set of his upcoming film ‘Wizards!’ wherein he was shirtless with his toned abs on show. The actor was shooting in Cairns, Australia together with co-stars Pete Davidson and Naomi Scott.

Not to mention, Bloom was also seen helping out with the reef clean on a beach in Australia, which just proves how much of a positive influence he is for all of the fans looking up to him.

I mean, we gotta stan a hot actor who’s also eco-conscious right?

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