Orville Peck Drops a Reminder with a Super SEXY Pic

Orville Peck has done it once again — make waves online, not because of a face reveal, but with a V steamy thirst trap where he showed off his shirtless fit bod.

In the photo, which he posted on Instagram Story, the 36-year-old musician was wearing a baseball cap, his signature mask, a pendant necklace, as well as a black track pants, paired with slip-on shoes. Not to mention, he was all smiles as he took the sexy mirror selfie.

Meanwhile, the text on his IG Story reads:


“Good morning reminder that cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other”

(c) Instagram: @orvillepeck via Twitter: @altyjacky

Peck also chose “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other” as the background song of his post. The said track is his recent collaboration with fellow country singer Willie Nelson. 


Moreover, Peck, who identifies as gay, is a longtime friend of Diplo. Comments about the DJ-producer’s sexuality previously went viral after he revealed that he has received oral sex from a man before. And to that, the “Dead of Night” singer told People:

“I will say that he is a very sweet guy and he’s very open-minded, and I think he — just like any of us in the world — should be allowed the freedom and the space to explore whoever he is going to be or wants to be.”

“And none of us need to police it or worry about it. He can have his own path and journey,” Peck further expressed.

Sources: justjared.com, people.com

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