Oscar Night Heat! Is Bradley Cooper Goo Goo for GaGa?

Ok kids, so I was watching Miss Oscars last night with the rest of the world, gagging over all the fashion faux pas, fierce fabulosity and that skirted Billy Porter Scarlett O'Hara – Tuxedo number that many will argue falls somewhere in between. But let’s face it, what we ALL were waiting for was to see Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper perform their hit song “Shallow” from the film, A Star is Born. So they did and it was amazing.  Just when I thought she could not be any more brilliant, she was. And just when I thought Bradley Cooper could not be any sexier, or register any higher on my #whitebabydaddy—fantasy-o-meter, he opened his mouth and looked and sounded even sexier than he did in the film!


GaGa and Bradley together last night gave me goosebumps. Their connection is undeniable and no matter how much they declare their relationship is platonic, baaaaaby the way they looked at each other during that song had me thinking Bradley’s supermodel girlfriend, Irina Shayk’s days are numbered. I mean sure you would think being a gorgeous, 5 foot 10, Russian, Sports’ Illustrated supermodel would give you dominion over any man, but those attributes may be rendered useless against the power of  GaGa in a gown, with a retro updo, belting out a power ballad at the piano with perfection. And no shade but I think Irina felt it too, because unlike the Golden globes, THIS TIME, she made sure to sit BETWEEN Bradley and GaGa, putting a stop to all their previous award show giggling and hand holding.

Now I’m not saying GaGa and Bradley are actually having an affair, but I think there is some strong sexual chemistry between them. I also find it interesting that last week Gaga broke off her engagement to fiancé Christian Carino and tonight when Bradley sat across from her on that stage and delivered the opening lyric, “Tell me something giiiirl,"  GaGa looked at Bradley like a person who hadn’t eaten in weeks staring at a flaming hot sirloin, right off the grill!  


Whatever the case, the internet was on fire after their sultry performance, especially the ending when Bradley gently sat down and slid over, nestling right next to GaGa, placing his face ever so softly against her’s to deliver the song’s final lyrics …”In the shallow-low low low … in the shallow low low low…”  I could almost feel Bradley’s heat and breathing on my neck at that moment (or it could have just been my HVac system-but still!). After that sexy ending, one of my female Facebook friends commented, “Honey, if I were Irina, I’d be packing up the family and moving far away … riiiiight about NOW.” 

The Performance itself was sheer perfection. As opposed to a traditional staged entrance from the right or left, Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper opted for a more majestic approach, almost seemingly gliding up together from their front row seats — located just a few feet away from the stage. There was a presence of true magic in the air as they took their seats before the crowd, face-to-face, to perform what is one of the most commercially successful songs ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

People Magazine deemed the performance “Spine-tingling” and reports that the two megastars’ chemistry was even further solidified and on display backstage after their highly anticipated Oscar performance,

“Having nailed their Oscar night performace of “Shallow,” their nominated song from their nominated film, A Star is Born — which is up for Best Picture, along with acting nods for each of them — Gaga and Cooper made their way backstage where they hugged tightly as they were met with a swarm of claps from well-wishing production staff. After taking in the congratulations and asking, “Did I nail it?” Gaga, 32, looked at Cooper and said, “I’m so f—ing proud of you!”


Ultimately, what was witnessed last night, at the very least was one of the best Oscar performances ever of a nominated song, which of course in this case took home the trophy. But were we witnessing something else?  Is there something really happening between Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper that perhaps even they aren’t quite aware of themselves?

You know, its like that co-worker who makes you laugh in the office, who you bond with, and hang with at all the company parties and everyone in the office can see something happening as you declare, “Oh no no…we’re just friends.” – Then fast forward to you and him somewhere dark, 3 martinis deep, wearing far fewer clothes than when you walked in. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything … sorta-kinda-ish.

In the end Bradley and Gaga may not be anything more than friends, but they are essentially co-workers and co-workers fall in love all the time. I’m only making my assessment based on what I see when these two are together and fellow Facebooker Marie Medrano stated last night, “Gaga looked at him the way I look at wine after my kids have gone to bed.”

Yes, Ma’am. I’ll drink to that!




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h/t: See People Magazine's Full Story Here

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