Our Favorite Instagram Nurses – It’s Nurse Appreciation Week!

It’s no secret that nurses are the MVPs of any hospital or medical office they work in. Me personally, I will always be grateful when when a nurse held my hand when they knew I was nervous for an upcoming surgery.

In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week (May 6 to May 12), Instinct would like to thank ALL the nurses out there for their hard work they do each and every day. Their already hard job was taken to new levels of impossible during the COVID pandemic. Nurses are the true superheroes who walk amongst us. Make sure you thank a nurse today!

With that said, we also always wish for a great nurse with great knowledge, good bedside manner, and yes, being the men that we are, we always hope for a hottie.

Here are some nurses we love on Instagram. DM your favorite and thank him for his service as a nurse! 






To all the nurses out there, we see you and we love you! 

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