Our Interviews With Patrick, Khasan, & Justin From ‘Fire Island’


We were able to catch up with three of the boys from Logo's Fire Island.  In preparation for the premiere episode on Thursday, we thought it might be best to ask them some questions to get to know them ourselves and not rely on just the interviews seen below.  Go ahead and watch the clips and then see if we asked the right questions during our conversations. 

We interviewed Justin, Khasan, and Patrick.  Will you mesh with any of these men?



Patrick (IG: @pattymac42) – Rather than lounge away the summer, Patrick is spending his time on Fire Island working and using his time to figure out his next step post heartbreak. He also stirs the pot with his housemates with his eccentric, “no-backing-down” personality. 

INSTINCT: Where were you born and raised?

PATRICK: Georgia. The Alpharetta area, in a small town, Dawsonville

So why did Logo hold out and release your “get to know” video last out of all the boys?

They saved the best for last.

Well I think that may be true since it seemed like you were featured the most in the longer 1:50 preview. You are the more quotable one.  Some of your catchy phrases were … “I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time” … and … “get your jock strap on, shut up , and lets have a good time.” Are you afraid as to how you will be portrayed by the show? What will be edited in and out?

I went into the experience as a big reality fan.  I’ve watched a lot of those kind of show and it is so transparent when they force their story. I gave myself over to the story, to the show.  I am me

Do you think the editing so far makes you look like the villain? One who stirs the pot?

I learned a lot on the show.  There is a big difference from being a fan and doing it (reality tv).   Best thing is that I am an honest person, I value honesty, being upfront. I have a hard time when people put forward an image, and this experience reaffirmed that. Communication is the best way to handle everything. On Fire Island, not everyone may have communicated too well.  Breakdowns in communications lead to problems.

What was the worst part of the experience for you?

Worst? I’m not, I wasn’t as understanding and as open minded as I thought I was.

I see that Pattymac42 is your Instagram handle?

A nickname since I was a little kid, Patrick MacDonald is my name. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 19, and the nickname just came back up randomly in LA.  And 42 is just a favorite number.  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I also like 11/11 /

The preview says you were working on Fire Island?

Several different jobs, operations management at The Pines Club, dealt with rentals, parties, mainly on the weekdays.  It’s the newest hotel on island.  Everybody does everything when working here so we do it all.  It gives a different perspective of the island.  You see all the nuts and bolts of the operation.

The preview also mentioned heart break? You’ve had them before, I am sure.  Was this one the worst?

I looked at the last two relationships, how those break ups affected me. There were walls that I put up in those relationships that I didn’t realize they were there.  I now realize those walls. I worked thru them, I’m a country singer, working on album, and I wrote all the music.

First time to Fire Island?

It’s my 2nd season, Been to Cherry Grove, too, more so during the 1st year. My favorite drag show is over there.

What other gay destinations do you enjoy or how do some others compare to Fire Island?

Fire Island is a cross between Palm Springs and P-Town.  I was in LA for two years before New York, Fire Island is the best of both worlds.  Artistic and culture aspects of NY and beach and sun of LA

Marriage? Eventually? Thruple?

Open to anything. I’m single as you possibly could be. I did learn on the island to never be in a monogamous relationship again, but never say never. I’m open to love.



Khasan (IG:@khasanb84) – A dancer on break from his successful career after performing with pop legends like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. He invites his friends to Fire Island to help him decide if he should move from Los Angeles to New York to be with his boyfriend. 

INSTINCT: I heard you are on your way to Cochella as we speak.  First time there?

Oh, no.  It's my third time. It's truly amazing and something you must do at least once.

KHASAN: Who have you not worked with yet that you want to?

Janet for the longest time. 

Can you define what situationship means?

Situationship – not sure where we want to take it, not defining anything, can make it work and make things happen as they come.

If instead of Fire Island, it was Gilligan’s Island who would you be? Or if you need to, which Golden Girl?

(The crowd around him said Blanche, but Khasan said he’s definitely Ginger.)

What is the highlight of being on Fire Island.  If there was one thing that you can’t miss.

Tea is definitely the highlight.

What about gay destinations.  Where does Fire Island rank?  What are your favorite places?

Barcelona, Sydney, P-Town.

Many critics are saying, oh look, it’s another ‘No Fats, No Fems, No Asians’ show.  What is your response to that?

You can never please everyone. And the show is not meant to represent everyone. You can’t ever represent everyone.



Justin (IG: @justintrusso) – The established NYC artist is using his trip to Fire Island as a way to break out of his shell and find new inspiration. With all the adventures the island has to offer, Justin tries to navigate it all without losing focus on his new boyfriend.

INSTINCT: Where did you grow up?

JUSTIN: Whole family grew up in Brooklyn, NY from the 1890s. Grew up on long island. Kings park.

What is your history with Fire Island?

Use to go as a kid, few times in the past with old BF, and took a hiatus in a few years. Then I  went out with good friends. Khasan introduced me to the idea of doing the show.

You mentioned body image in your “get to know” video.

Five guys, perfectly defined bodies. I mean I have a good frame and build, but there is the personal thing. I was teased for being gay and different, asexual in college, eating constantly and getting big, suppressing my sexuality for so long.

I’m confident and social, but just because you exude confidence, doesn’t mean there aren’t internal struggles.

I was hesitant as well in doing the show. You know, 5 other guys, definition of a perfect body, but when I’m surrounded by own peers, I feel more comfortable.

Muscle bears and party boys. Parties aimed toward bearish guys on Fire Island?  And if not there, where would we find you gaycationing?

Not so many, there’s a handful . It’s not like P-Town and bear week.  I do love going to Mykynos.  The gay destination.  The number one destination for me would be Gay Pride in Madrid. Spookybear in P-Town is a must too, a great time.

What was different about this trip to Fire Island than the ones in the past?

Going to bed at 11 PM on Friday and Saturday nights. The debauchery is not as appealing when in a monogamous relationship. I as well wasn’t there on the island the entire time. I had to go back to school. 

What did you learn on the island?

New found respect of myself. I owe a lot to the boys for they are immensely supportive. Also learned about finding solace.

What about the critics saying this show is another “No Fats, No Fems, No Asians” show?

Yes, there were attractive people, enjoying the summer. For starters, ‘no fat no fem no Asians.’ That’s one reason I went on the show, to speak about those things.  And we covered and talked about a lot of issues that all gay men have, suicide attempts, family issues, gay rights, activism, HIV crisis.  Some people may see it as being superficial on the outside, but there are issues we all face.

Artistic influences? 

Edward Hopper,  Andrew Wyeth, Normand Rockwell, Alberto Vargas.

Were there any questions we should have asked?

Do you think knowing the guys a little better might convince you to watch?

Are you planning on watching?

And if you don't want to wait until Thursday, it looks like the first episode has already been released on Logo, but we didn't tell you to click the link.


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