Our Tallywackers Is Getting Bigger And Better.

You want some entertainment with your meat?  Well, Dallas, you're gonna get it.  Starting next month, the Guy Candy will not be alone at the Dallas eatery.  If you need a refresher, here's one of the stories we did on the now 1 year old restaurant, Dallas – Tallywackers Is Officially Open For Business.  In a move to get your juices flowing even more, the restaurant is adding burlesque boys to the menu. 

Tallywackers, the restaurant that shook up the industry when it opened last May, unveiled today its plans to become the Official Home of Boylesque beginning June 17, 2016. The restaurant, bar and entertainment destination known for its signature Guy Candy, will add boylesque, the artful seduction and striptease performed exclusively by men, to its lineup and feature national headliners monthly.

Tallywackers will partner with Ruby Revue Productions, Texas’ premier burlesque and variety show known for its World Famous Showgirls of the Ruby Revue, in hosting Boylesque at Tallywackers. The shows, both sexy and comical, will feature an exclusive dinner theater experience.  

This is a breath of fresh air, especially after we all drooled over the announcement that Channing Tatum was going to bring his Magic Mike show to life.  Fat chance any of us boys will be able to see it, right?  Most likely it will be an all girls event.  But Tallywackers will not be the case.  They know their clients and they know what they want.  So food and a show all centered around men?  Yes, Tallwackers, you are on my map. I will get there soon.

“I immediately knew Tallywackers would be the perfect home for boylesque when I was first approached with the idea,” said Rodney Duke, owner of Tallywackers.  “It’s the perfect combination of seduction and comedy and always leaves you wanting more. I’ve seen boylesque shows in the past, however the shows were always one-time performances. I realized boylesque needed a home and our venue with all-male entertainment couldn’t be a better fit.”

Tallywackers will debut the production during its first show on June 17, 2016, which will feature headliner Luminous Pariah, the award winning and nationally acclaimed boylesque elite also known as the Innovative Adonis. Each month, Boylesque at Tallywackers will spotlight a nationally recognized headliner for one night during three show times, at 7 p.m., 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. In addition, Tallywackers plans to unveil shows throughout the month promoting local talent.

Auditions for local talent will be held at Tallywackers during the months of May and June.  So if you are local and can perform in front of a crowd, contact them so we can see what you can do.  Upcoming shows will be announced on social media, as well as posted online.

Have you been to Tallywackers yet?  Is there enough of a parade of boys?  Does it need the boylesque?  Will this new addition make you want to go even more?

Seating for Boylesque at Tallywackers is first-come-first-serve. Reservations can be made online .  Tickets are $15 per person and seating will be European style (table sharing). However, tables can be purchased for $50 and VIP upgrades are available for $25.


h/t:  info, quotes and pics from Tallywackers press release.

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