Our uplifting Pull-up king is back, sans shorts.

Remember our inflated pull-up king Christian Cabrera?  Well his video inspired us to watch more men at the gym do pull-ups.  What was in his gym shorts helped, too.  If you forgot the video of him exercising, here it is again.

But that was back in October 2013.  What's new with him?  Well the site ANTITWINK.COM is running with some new pictures they say are Christian Cabrera sans exercise pants and there seems to be a little more, okay, a lot more inflation going on. 

Head on over to their pull-up guy page here to see the NSFW shots.  Are they him?

You can also go directly to their tumblr page here

Here are a couple of pics we can show you on here without too much concern.

lower half very visible at ANTITWINK.COM

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