Out Actor Brandon Flynn Is Looking Very HOT in Latest Holiday Campaign

Brandon Flynn is back with more steamy content for Calvin Klein’s 2023 holiday campaign, where he showed off his thirsty and flirty side…

(c) Instagram: @calvinklein & @brandonflynn / @karimsadli

The latest campaign is directed and photographed by James Brodribb, and it is described by the brand to be “rooted in the celebratory nature of the giving season.” Needless to say, the 30-year-old American actor did not only give, but SERVED thirst for the holiday season. 😉


In the campaign video, we see Flynn showing off his charming smile, which is just the icing on the cake because it also features him in various Calvin Klein outfits that are no short of steamy and sexy.

From plain white tank tops to denim coords, the ‘Scream VI’ star exuded a joyful energy for the Holiday season. Let’s not forget how he showed off his fit bod, adding a sprinkle of spice for the very merry holidays…

Moreover, Calvin Klein’s executive vice president and global chief marketing officer Jonathan Bottomley stated:

“Our 2023 holiday campaign is part of our ongoing approach to increasing brand impact and to building desire around our core products. Featuring long-term brand ambassadors Hailey Bieber and Brandon Flynn, the distinctive creative treatment was crafted to cut through and to excite consumers around our seasonal essentials.”


The 2023 holiday campaign video was released via a joint Instagram post with a caption that reads:

“@brandonflynn in Calvin Klein denim. Name a better duo. #mycalvins

By @okdeon.”

Meanwhile, Flynn cheekily commented:

“The best undies for a no undie wearing boy”


You can watch Calvin Klein‘s campaign video here to spice up your holiday season:

Source: wwd.com

3 thoughts on “Out Actor Brandon Flynn Is Looking Very HOT in Latest Holiday Campaign”

  1. on the one hand, it’s nice that an openly gay actor – who isn’t necessarily a huge name – is scoring a likely decent paycheck and some publicity as one of the faces for CK, but he’s a pretty random looking young man, nothing particularly to make him truly standout – decently attractive enough for Hollywood, but artists hundreds of years from now would not be picking out his face or his physique to want to use as an artistic study for say a human anatomy painting or sculpture
    happy that instinct is covering gay news and a gay talent versus some random straight guy in his underwear but otherwise this would have been better without being written up with words like serving thirst or even hot
    guys have enough issues to just try to look like flynn actually is – healthy, normal height and weight for his size and age, and not some muscle mary type


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