Out Actor Luke Evans Drops a V Sexy Vacation Pic from Portugal

Luke Evans recently updated his Instagram followers by posting a photo from his vacation in Lisbon, Portugal, and he is looking very sexy in it.

(c) Instagram: @thereallukeevans

In the said pic, the 44-year-old out Welsh actor is at a beach, looking at the sea from a distance, and he is wearing a black skimpy swim trunks (not complaining at all though). Aside from the tiny piece of clothing, he is also sporting a pair of black sunglasses, as well as a silver necklace and bracelet.


“Sunday (sunny day) #sundayvibes,” Evans captioned his post.

Understandably so, his post’s comments section are filled with words of admiration — and probably some subtle thirst… 😉

“Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow speechless . LUV YOU ALWAYS,” one user expressed.

Another one wrote:


“Mmmh, nice view…..and the beach is also very appealing enjoy your evening, dear Luke.”

Dropping his latest sexy vacation pic here:

(c) Instagram: @thereallukeevans

Moreover, the actor is set to star alongside fellow queer Welsh actor Callum Scott Howells in an upcoming BBC drama titled ‘The Way.’ Aside from acting in films and television shows, Evans shared that he could also see himself as a creator in the future.


And as for the kind of stories that he would like to tell, he revealed that he “wants to tell stories that make people think.” 

“That allow people to consider something they’ve not considered before, maybe empathize with something they’d never considered themselves,” the actor and singer added.

(c) Instagram: @thereallukeevans

Evans further expressed,

“That’s what I feel my job is now, to tell stories that matter to me [and the audience]. Plus the odd bit of fluff where they watch me kill a dragon.”

Sources: thepinknews.com, bbc.com

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  1. How cool, I’m here on vacation too about to head over to some gay bars and party my ass off! I’m a sucker for hot gay foreign men.


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