Out Actor Mawaan Rizwan Joins ‘Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special

‘Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special is coming to our screens real soon, and it is expected to be gayer than ever, as openly gay actor Mawaan Rizwan is now a part of the star-studded cast.

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On November 13, BBC announced that Rizwan will be portraying a “mysterious new character” who will “share an encounter” with David Tennant, who will be reprising his role as the Doctor. Not to mention, English actress Catherine Tate will also be returning in the show as Donna Noble.


Aside from out actor Rizwan and trans ally Tennant, the cast of the 60th anniversary special also includes more LGBTQ+ stars, including openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris and transgender actress Yasmin Finney.

Moreover, Rizwan announced the exciting news via an Instagram post, writing:

“Look who’s popping into the #Whoniverse 

@bbccin @davidtennantpod @scott_handcock @jamiedonoughue @murraygold @russelltdavies63″


In a statement, he also shared his experience working on the show, expressing:

“It was such an unbelievable joy to work with my Whoniverse idols David Tennant and [returning showrunner] Russell T Davies. My inner child was losing his mind on set.”

‘Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special is set to begin airing on BBC One and Disney+ on November 25. 

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  1. Two things, I recently watched a gay tv miniseries called Des starring David Tennant & Mawaan played a part in a cute gay movie called Benjamin. Cheers to the gay representation, even though I’m not into Dr.Who I might give this season a try.


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