Out D.C. News Anchor Suspended For Tweets On Who’s Being Vaccinated

Fox 5 News anchor (and D.C. favorite) Blake McCoy found himself suspended on Tuesday after making insensitive remarks about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in our nation’s capital in a tweet that has since been deleted

“I’m annoyed obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers when most stayed home, we went into work everyday last March, April, May and everyday since putting ourselves & loved ones at risk.” McCoy ended by saying “Vaccinate all essential workers. Then obese.”



McCoy did subsequently apologize for this tweet saying “Earlier today I tweeted something insensitive and offensive” the anchor said. He went on to write “I truly regret my words and want to apologise. I have deleted my tweet and ask that you accept my sincere apology.” (According to Phase 1C Tier 1 in D.C., people that have obesity that have a BMI over 30 kg/m² are considered eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine along with immunocompromised, pregnant and those with preexisting health conditions, among other conditions.)


Many are pointing out that McCoy’s tweets regarding obesity and the vaccine are showcasing a double standard when it comes to the pandemic and our individual responses to it. McCoy’s social media clearly shows him traveling extensively throughout 2020, with pictures in locales such as Hawaii and Chicago. Additionally, the news blog FTVLive.com exposed tweets from early February which has McCoy taking his followers along with him (via Twitter) as he welcomes a date to his home for “wine, pizza & Monopoly) which caused several to question his judgement in welcoming strangers to his home during a pandemic. 


WTTG spokesperson Erica Keane confirmed told Metro Weekly: “Blake McCoy has been suspended pending further review.”

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