Out Of Nowhere Matt Gaetz Announces A Grown ‘Son’ From Cuba … Who He Never Legally Adopted

People sometimes accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, and I can’t say they are wrong in some instances. I call things out when I notice something is askew or has gone awry and yes, I will make my concerns known without mincing words.


I’m not talking about JFK assassination level stuff though, but more pop culture and tea spillage – for example, the rumor that Whitney Houston is Dionne Warwick’s daughter. I’m not saying it’s true, but I’m just saying that the late pop star looks more like her alleged “cousin” Dionne than her own Mama, Cissy.  Watch Whitney’s classic “I’m your baby tonight” video with that in mind and get back to me.

Anyway, now that I have all but confessed to trafficking in gossip at the very least, I have to say I was floored last night to learn that obnoxious DUI – gas mask in Congress wearing – voter fraud perpetrating – Trump henchman Matt Gaetz became a father! That’s right, Gaetz is the proud father of a beautiful son – whom he affectionately called his “life” in a social media post last evening … and people were immediately perplexed.


You see, the “son” Gaetz is referencing was unknown to the public it seems, until the moment of his post. Then, poof!  Gaetz introduced 19-year-old Nestor via tweet, further offering that the man had allegedly come here from Cuba at the age of 12. Shocked Twitter users pointed out that nowhere in Gaetz’s online biographies has there ever been mention of a son –adopted or otherwise. 

The Republican Representative announced on Thursday night (Via Twitter), the following: 

“For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor,” he wrote. “We share no blood, but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida. I am so proud of him, and raising him has been the best, most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life.”

That’s all sweet, but upon review of Getz’s professional political pages and biographies, I discovered Twitter users were correct. There is no mention of raising a child; though he ambiguously refers to “family” on one site and calls out his dog.




Child, I don’t even know what to make of any of this, though I have a few conspiracy theories I’ll keep to myself – this time. A wave of Twitter users chimed in so I didn’t have to, like Cara Murphy for example who posed the following perplexity in a direct reply to Gaetz:

“How did you get introduced to a 12-year-old from Cuba? One that you never actually adopted, and have never spoken about until you needed to tokenize him? I also remember you were the only person to vote against a human trafficking bill in 2017. Interesting.”

But Twitter peeps are sharing even more serious allegations in light of this news, some making the insinuation that this out-of-the-blue revelation feels like Gaetz is trying to get in front of a scandal of some kind before it breaks…


According to Too Fab, Matt’s sister took on Twitter last night to push back on detractors and she claimed her brother was an “incredible” father.  She further explains Gaetz speaks Spanish, and then she began sharing pictures of Matt and Nestor together over the years declaring what a great addition Gaetz’s son has been to the family.  All of of this is peculiar at best as Gaetz has reportedly stated that he never officially adopted Nestor and nearly 20 minutes after Gaetz sent out his tweet, his Wiki page was mysteriously updated to list Nestor as someone who lives with Gaetz whom he “considers” his son.  Huh?

From the Wikipedia of Matt Gaetz:

From The Official Wikipedia Page For Matt Gaetz

Despite the sister’s affirmation of familial love for Nestor, far more ominous Tweets (allegations) by @CheriJacobus @steamboater and @BettyBowes had me clutching my wine glass for life and going for a HEAVY POUR! 



Chiiiiiiiild, What the????




As might be imagined, there is no shortage of Falwell Jr. “pool boy” comparisons on Twitter  regarding this story, which admittedly are extreme perspectives. To be clear, I am making no such allegation or comparison.

However, I do pose the question of how is it possible that Matt Gaetz, who perpetrated the lie of Hispanic voter fraud in 2016 and endorses Donald Trump’s hideous campaigns of anti-Hispanic immigration, could have a Cuban-born son who just seems to have magically appeared? Que Escandaloso!

 Read more about this breaking story at TooFab!

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  1. Sort of makes you wonder if all the pictures of nude women & girls & bragging of all of his sexual conquests are just a cover up. If that’s true & he’s used this young boy; he’s in deep trouble. He’s such a sick guy!


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