Out of Touch DeSantis is the King of Being 100% Wrong

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in any other alternate reality would be laughable. His white privileged, fired former teacher, anti-woke, pro-stupid, face is one that just drains the intelligence from you when you see it.

But unfortunately he is real and there are people that believe him, believe in him. Yes, there are supposed polls that say he is not doing well in his race to the Republican nomination and to the White House, but that kind of scares me even more. For what happens when a small-minded man loses? They strike back at those around him which makes me feel that if he does not get his party’s nod for the candidacy and if he does not win the presidency, his shit storm of anti-freedom policies will just get worse here in Florida.

And then there is that recent attack on Trump via a viral video. I had to search for a bit to find it, but when I saw it, I just felt sad for everyone involved. Have a look.


We all know that Trump is just an imbecile. We’re just waiting for him to use his paper towel throwing arm to give a bucket of water to the Titanic submarine family members. His record on LGBTQ+ Equality and support was just to sell merch and to get some votes from those gays that drank his kool-aid. 

And then little Ronnie trying to be all Tom Cruise / Maverick-like but just comes off as a d-list horror movie actor. It’s amazing so many people support either one of these self-centered straight white privileged man-children.


These two thrown on their heads at child birth “men” remind me of this driver I met at a stoplight the other day. he was most likely wanting to be fully in the left lane, but his car was over a foot into my right lane.  Both our windows were down so I said, “Thanks for being in my lane, too.” His response was, “You got by, there’s no problem.” My response was, “Is your life full of you making mistakes and people just having to deal with them and make up for your shortcomings?” Yeah, I can be quick like that.

Mr. DeSantis’s photograph for the school yearbook at Darlington, where he taught high school history and coached sports.

How much longer do we need to put up with these fragile straight white men that feel they need to take our lane, feel they have the right to lessen our abilities and rights, feel others should bend to their preconceived visions of self-grandeur? Enough should be enough.

Yes, the DeSantis War Room Ad against the supposed LGBTQ+ positive Trump while being all pro-rights killing Governor DeSantis, it is homophobic. But it also shows the ignorance that DeSantis has about what makes the gay community click. We are used to elitist politicians stepping on us to gain clout, but what we were not used to was someone having our eye candy in their ads in a positive fashion.

DeSantis image from flgov.smugmug.com

After seeing the War Room ad, I’m expecting the next pro-DeSantis press release or promise to be to revamp the International Male catalog soon and send it to all of his butch male supporters in an Abercrombie & Fitch bag. His use of buff muscle men and images of Brad Pitt shows that he is seriously out of touch. It’s almost like this man is the King of Reverse Day.

If I have to listen to him proselytize to people that Florida is the Freedom state, the Freest state … how can he believe that when so many of his laws are written to restrict humans from being who they are.  Reverse Day King.

And then he is going after Drag Queens for going after their children. So many queens have set it so well, but I had to share Miss Coco Peru’s post:



You’re doing well, Reverse Day King. And yes, I do find it immature to call him that from a game we all played when we were kids.  But he is so immature. I think he is stuck with some kind of former trauma.


Could it be his firing from a private Georgia boarding school? Former students state he was arrogant, treated minority students differently, and justified the south’s position in the Civil War. Sounds like that might trigger him to use his governorship to increase his poor academic and historical choices and beliefs. For more on his one year teaching career failure, check out the New York Times article.

Could there have been a lover’s tryst in the military where he was emotionally scarred, turning him against the LGBTQ+ community or maybe he is just overcompensating? We all know about his thigh food / Thai food drama.

You don’t want a woman to disagree with you? “Yes, I told you it was 8 inches” and “Yes, Billy is just a friend from the military and we are just going to catch up at the hotel over the weekend.” This should have been a relationship and politial red flag. 


What will happen next with his campaign? We will see little Ronnie and his supporters mess up yet again, but still have people back him. He’ll throw his Napoleonic tantrums and negate all that disagree. We expect his next video promoting masculine men and correct clothing on the correct people to open up like this:

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  1. Don’t completely rule Desantis out yet. He has a large PAC and its money even if his campaign doesn’t. If Trump gets indicted and convicted, Ronnie will be the man.


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